Custom Mouldings

From the unusual, to the simply breath-taking, Darjon Mouldings has a portfolio of a wide range of custom fibreglass mouldings for a wide-ranging depth of projects.

When requesting a custom fibreglass mould, quite often the hardest part is explaining what the fibreglass custom moulding will be used for.  At Darjon Mouldings we are experts at being able to understand even some of the weirdest requests and translating them in to reality.

Some shapes may seem almost impossible to make, however we have been in the fibreglass industry for over twenty years and often subcontract work from larger fibreglass companies who understand the precision and attention to detail we can provide.

Some common requests for custom fibreglass mouldings are things like shop sign letters.  Quite often clients want custom made 3d fibreglass letters.  However custom fibreglass mouldings come in all shapes and sizes.  From modern art, to commercial projects, every custom moulding is purpose designed and built for the client from scratch.

If you have a custom fibreglass moulding that you require, do not hesitate to give us a call.


If you have an upcoming fibreglass project in which we can be of assistance, feel free to request a free no-obligation quotation. Just let us know some basic project details and a member of our team will review your project specification and give you a call to provide a quotation.

Darjon Mouldings