Exterior GRP Moulding

At Darjon Mouldings we performed a wide variety of exterior GRP moulding and exterior fibreglass projects.  From the bespoke creation of custom fibreglass roofing and wall sheets (with pattern) for swimming pools, to custom outdoor fibreglass structures; we have undertaken projects with precision and perfection at every turn.

Fibreglass has the benefit of being light, flexible and moulded in to pretty much any shape imaginable.  Additionally it also can be made in almost any colour, so it can be at attractive and sleek addition for any exterior area.  Fibreglass is also a very strong material too, meaning it can tolerate weight as well as constant use.  This makes it the perfect material for all types of exterior fibreglass creations including even large structures like water slides.

At Darjon Mouldings we have the ability to use CAD and work with architects and builders alike to create stunning exterior GRP exterior pieces.  From exterior fibreglass projects which are functional, to the sleek and elegant; we have a vast portfolio accumulated over a period of over twenty years in the industry.

For exterior GRP moulding projects, feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation free quotation.


If you have an upcoming fibreglass project in which we can be of assistance, feel free to request a free no-obligation quotation. Just let us know some basic project details and a member of our team will review your project specification and give you a call to provide a quotation.

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