Precision Patterns & Moulds

When it comes to making a fibreglass piece with incredible detail, Darjon Mouldings has the expertise and ability to deliver.  From initial CAD, to timber or foam master patterns, through to a single or multi-piece precision fibreglass pattern or moulding; we have been delivering these types of pieces to our clients for years.

Our superior in-house ability to deliver on simple, to complex precision fibreglass patterns and mouldings has led to us being chosen by clients for projects time and again.  We can work alongside sculptors to deliver on intricate detailed mouldings and deliver multi-piece fibreglass mouldings crafted with absolute care and attention to the detail.

Working from our workshop in Tilbury we can craft patterns and create moulds which can then be used to create as many pieces necessary for your project.

With over twenty years within the fibreglass industry, Darjon Mouldings is your perfect partner for fibreglass precision patterns and fibreglass mouldings.  Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quotation for your fibreglass precision patterns and moulds.


If you have an upcoming fibreglass project in which we can be of assistance, feel free to request a free no-obligation quotation. Just let us know some basic project details and a member of our team will review your project specification and give you a call to provide a quotation.

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